GAPS PhD Thesis

PhD projects inside the GAPS collaboration

Mario Damasso, Univ. di Padova, “An M dwarf planet search programme using the photometric transit method: implementation of a new ground-based survey”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXV

Luca Malavolta, Univ. di Padova, “Data reduction, radial velocities and stellar parameters from spectra in the very low signal-to-noise domain”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXV

Francesco Borsa, Univ. dell’Insubria, (Como), “An original approach to scientific and technological topics of exoplanetary science”, sup. E. Poretti, Prof. F. Haardt, Prof. A. Treves, ciclo XXVI

Paolo Giacobbe, Univ. di Trieste

Andrea Cunial, Univ. di Padova, “Photometric searches for exoplanets and variability in star clusters”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXVII

Esther Gonzalez Alvarez, Univ. di Palermo, “Planets around low-mass stars and stellar activity correction”, sup. G. Micela, ciclo XXX

Matteo Pinamonti, Univ. di Trieste, “Detection and Orbital Architecture Characterization of Planetary Systems Around Cool Stars”, sup. A. Sozzetti, ciclo XXX

Ilaria Carleo, Univ. di Padova, “Observations of young stars to understand how planets form”, sup. R. Gratton, S. Benatti, ciclo XXXI

Lorenzo Pino, Univ. di Padova, co-tutela Université de Genève, “Bridging the lower- and the upper-atmosphere of exoplanets through high-resolution transmission spectroscopy”, sup. G. Piotto, F. Pepe, ciclo XXXI

Eleonora Alei, Univ. di Padova, “Stability study of super-Earth atmospheres”, sup. R. Claudi, ciclo XXXII

Domenico Barbato, Univ. Torino, ‘Characterization of Extrasolar Planetary Systems and Synergies with Gaia’, Sup. A. Sozzetti, ciclo XXXII

Lorenzo Cabona, Univ. dell’Insubria “Optimizing of ground Radial Velocity surveys for the detection and characterization of exoplanets with bayesian methods”, Supervisors: M. Landoni, E. Poretti, Ciclo  XXXII

Antonio Garrido Rubio, Univ. di Palermo “Exoplanets with high resolution spectroscopy”, Sup. G. Micela, Ciclo  XXXII

Daniela Sicilia, Univ. di Padova, “Characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres through high-resolution transmission spectroscopy”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXXII

Vikash Singh, Univ. di Catania, “Exoplanets direct detection in photometry and high res spectroscopy”, Sup. I. Pagano, Ciclo  XXXII 

Giuliano Antoniciello, Univ. di Padova, “Exoplanet Atmospheres with high resolution spectroscopy”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXXIII

Daria Desiderà, Univ. di Padova, “Exoplanet atmospheres with low resolution spectroscopy”, sup. V. Nascimbeni, ciclo XXXIII

Giuseppe Frustagli, Univ. di Milano-Bicocca, “Stellar and spurious effects in spectroscopic time series of exoplanetary systems”, Supervisor: M. Dotti, E. Poretti, ciclo XXXIII

Gloria Guilluy, Univ. Torino, ‘Atmospheric Characterization of Transiting Planetary Systems’, Sup. A. Sozzetti, ciclo XXXIII

Martina Baratella, Univ. di Padova, “The chemical composition of very young open clusters”, sup. G. Carraro, V. D’Orazi, ciclo XXXIV

Gaia Lacedelli, Univ. Padova, “Search and characterization of exoplanets using space-based data”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXXIV

Darius Modirrousta-Galian, Univ. di Palermo, “The nature of hot Super-Earths”,  Sup. G. Micela, Ciclo  XXXIV

Elena Monthopoulou, Univ. di Padova, “Transit candidate search in open clusters from TESS data”, sup. G. Piotto, ciclo XXXIV

Claudia Di Maio, Univ. di Palermo, “Stellar and solar activity indicators in high resolution spectra” , Sup. G. Micela, Ciclo  XXXV

Luca Naponiello, Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, “Characterization of close-in transiting Neptune-type planets”  Sup. L. Mancini, Ciclo XXXVI 

Mario Basilicata, Univ. Roma Tor Vergata, “Study of exoplanetary atmospheres through the high-resolution spectroscopy technique”, Sup. L. Mancini, ciclo XXXVII

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