Monica Rainer

Monica Rainer – INAF OAA

Monica Rainer graduated in Physics at the University of Milan in 2003 and obtained her PhD in Physics at the University of Milan in 2007. Since then she worked in INAF, and she is now permanent staff at the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

She is part of the GAPS project since its inception and she is currently both a member of the Science Team and Data Treatment Project Scientist.

She is involved in the Ariel mission (member of the stellar characterization working group and coordinator of its sub-working group on observations and data reduction), in the PLATO mission, and in the Gaia mission (where she works on writing the advanced reduction softwares for the SpectroPhotometric Standard Stars – SPSS – used for the external calibration of the Gaia data). She is part of both MOONS and WEAVE Science Team.

Her scientific interests focus on the characterization of exoplanets and the study of stellar variability (radial velocity, rotation, line profile variations, and so on) using high-resolution optical and near-infrared spectroscopy, and she also wrote several softwares for spectroscopic data reduction and analysis.

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