Paolo Di Marcantonio

Paolo Di Marcantonio – INAF OATS

Paolo Di Marcantonio, staff researcher at the INAF-OATS since December 1999. His main research activities cover both technological aspects and pure astrophysics. He participates in important national and international projects as responsible for the design, implementation and commissioning of the control software both for single focal plane astronomical instrumentation and for large astronomical facilities (among others ESO/VLT UVES, ESO/VLT FLAMES/GIRAFFE, ESO/VLT Xshooter, ALMA/ACS, SKA, ESO/VLT ESPRESSO). He has been involved in the feasibility studies of several focal plane instruments for the E-ELT and for the solar telescope EST.

He is currently the project manager of the ESO/VLT CUBES spectrograph, the ESO/ELT HIRES spectrograph, is the local responsible for the upgrade of the ESO/VLT FORS instrument and is involved in the H2020 funded activity for the design of new solar instruments.

In addition to the technological activity described above, he is also involved in scientific research. The topics dealt with over the years have been various, but mostly have dealt with analyzing and tracing the chemical and dynamic properties of the disk structures and the halo of the Galaxy, with the intention of providing, from an observational point of view, constraints on the chemical evolution models of galaxies. In the last years he is active in the field of exoplanets research, in particular in using statistical techniques aiming to extract exoplanet’s reflected light of the host star.

In the course of his carreer he is author of more than 250 publications covering technological and scientific aspects.

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