Emilio Molinari

Emilio Molinari – INAF OACA

After a first period working on observational cosmology, tracking colors and spectral features in galaxies in clusters at different redshift, I switched to astronomical technology and began focusing (literally) the light coming from those galaxies in a focal lane, usually recorded by a CCD.
The job of bending light rays included spectrographs and cameras for the TNG in its earliest times, followed by studies on innovative materials for astronomy, diving in the realm of volume phase holographic gratings, actually building them for various telescope around the world.

Starting the project for the robotic telescope REM with other colleagues, I ended following the whole life of this telescope in the Chilean Andes, and I consider now La Silla as my second home. REM is still working by itself on those mountains.
With this techno backpack on my shoulders, I entered the world of management in astronomy, serving as director of the Fundación Galileo Galilei and the TNG itself for almost a decade, during which I helped (and pushed a bit) making the telescope the host of the highly performing planet hunter HARPS-N.

Finally, and presently, I changed wavelength and my service is now as director of the Cagliari Observatory of INAF, managing also the biggest Italian radio telescope, SRT with its 64m diameter parabola.

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