Sabrina Masiero

Sabrina Masiero – GAL Hassin

Sabrina Masiero currently heads the Outreach and Communication department at the GAL Hassin Foundation-International Center For Astronomical Sciences at Isnello, Sicily (Italy).

An astronomy graduate of Padova University with a thesis on supermassive black holes, she went on to obtain a doctorate from the same institution, this time with a paper on communicating astronomy and astrophysical sciences to the general public.

In 2013 she started working as a postdoctoral researcher at INAF-Padova with a focus on activities on the popularization and communication of the latest advances in exoplanet research made by the GAPS-Global Architecture Of Planetary Systems team at INAF-Padova, and the Galileo Galilei Fundation/ Telescopio Nazionale Galileo at the Canary Islands, Spain.

She joined the team at the GAL Hassin Foundation/ INAF Palermo on 2016, the focus of her activity being on the popularization of astronomical and astrophysical research, and outreach to the general public. Another area of her efforts is her involvement with ExoClock, a project to monitor transiting exoplanets developed by the ARIEL Ephemerides Working Group.

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