Luca Borsato

Luca Borsato – INAF OAPD

Luca Borsato is a fixed-term researcher (TD-A) at INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova. He graduated and got the PhD in Astronomy at the Department of Physics and Astronomy “G. Galilei” of the University of Padova. 

He works on exoplanet characterization, focusing on multiple-planet systems, transit photometry, transit time variations and planetary dynamics. He developed a code that integrates the orbits of the planets and simultaneously combines different techniques, such as transits, radial velocities and the transit time variation analysis.

He is an expert in computational science, global/local optimization algorithms and MCMC analysis. 

He is a Science Team Member Associate of the CHEOPS mission and he is the coordinator of the Ariel High Cadence Photometry Working Group.

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